Disclaimer – Tele-Consult

Mukat Hospital & Heart Institute, Chandigarh offers Tele-Consult/ Tele-Medicine/ Video-Consult facility for those patients and attendants who are not able to visit hospital premises due to lockdown restrictions and COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note that Tele-Consult/ Tele-Medicine/ Video-Consult is not comparable to a normal hospital visit or consultation as a physical examination which is an important aspect of the consultation, cannot be conducted.

Please be informed that Tele-Consult/ Tele-Medicine/ Video-Consult is only to facilitate regular follow-ups, consults, review of relevant investigations, and advice to patients to cut down the delay amid lockdown restrictions and social distancing norms and also in cases where patients are not comfortable visiting hospital premises unless emergency or advised.

You are requested to confirm the diagnosis, previous medical record, relevant prescriptions, and investigations along with fresh complaints if any during confirmation call from hospital for an appointment and during video-consult. You are further advised to visit the hospital in case of emergency or no improvement observed from symptoms or medical condition.

Please note that as you accept Tele-Consult/ Tele-Medicine/ Video-Consult, it will be taken as your consent and understanding of the concept of telemedicine and its limitations. You will further be taking responsibility for visiting the doctor or reaching out to a nearby hospital in case of an emergency without fail.

Please be notified that by agreeing to Tele-Consult/ Tele-Medicine/ Video-Consult, you agree and accept that Tele-consultants or doctors and any staff involved in Tele-Consult/ Tele-Medicine/ Video-Consult will not be held responsible for an unlikely error or event in diagnosis or management due to sub-optimal technical conditions. Though all possible measures and diligence are being put in place to provide perfect facilitation, unforeseen circumstances cannot be ignored and may happen.

Please note that only two video sessions can be made for a single ailment under one appointment and each consultation will be 10-12 minutes maximum.


Book an appointment via SMS/ Voice call/ WhatsApp message on 9023 88 44 44 or by visiting our Website and leaving contact details there and request a callback. You will then receive a call back for confirmation of diagnosis/ investigations/ consultant etc. Once confirmed, you will receive an SMS for payment via Paytm. After that, final confirmation for Video-consultation with time slot will be communicated via SMS and Voice call.